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What is App Swim?

App Swim is an influencer marketing company that specializes in cost efficient mobile app downloads.

About Us

We have a devoted team that will work with you personally to get you the results you desire. We specialize in low cost social media driven downloads for your mobile app or game.  We are as passionate about apps as you are and would love to join your team. Whether you are looking for a UA manager to take all the effort off on your end or a way to supplement your current marketing strategy, we are here to serve you. 

Why Social Media?

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Cost Efficient

Social media is an easy and effective way to reach millions of people to drive downloads for the lowest cost per install.

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All downloads are 100% organic users that will play your game and share it with their friends.

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Reaching millions of users in minutes your app will gain maximum exposure to deliver a burst of downloads to climb the charts.

It All Starts With Trust

  • Creating a relationship with your customers is time consuming and costly, so we provide you with access to influencers who have already gained your customer's trust
  • We post on the pages of influencers your customers are already following, so the biggest hurdle is already crossed
  • As a result our creatives look like content instead of ads which will supercharge your results

"92 percent of people trust recommendations from individuals over brands."

What Can You Do?

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Burst of Downloads

Your app will get a huge bump in downloads which can help save your app from slipping out of the top charts or to gain a spot in the top charts.

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Increase your rankings for all your keywords to further increase organic downloads.



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Organic Uplift

Multiply the value of your dollar with organic uplift from the App Store driving your cost per install to the ground.

The Process


Tell us about your app and what you would like to accomplish and leave the rest to us.


We take your app and craft the perfect campaign and content for your audience to get the best results.


We take the content and show it to millions upon millions of people to maximize exposure and results.


After your app shoots up the charts from the initial promotion we encourage you to build off your previous success with another campaign to explode up the charts.


Repeat the process to stay at the top with a single app or start another campaign with a different app to dominate the App Store!

Our Network

There is no faster way to reach a larger audience

Follower reach

Your target user is only a post away

  • 600 Million monthly active users
  • 55% 18-29 year olds.
  • 28% 30-49 year olds.
  • 11% 50-64 year olds.
  • 4% 65 years old+
  • 317 Million monthly active users
  • 32% 18-29 year olds
  • 29% 30-49 year olds
  • 13% 50-64 year olds
  • 6% 65 years old+
  • 40 Million monthly active users
  • 23% 13-17 year olds
  • 38% 18-29 year olds
  • 33% 30-49 year olds
  • 6% 50 years old+
  • 300 Million monthly active users
  • 28.5% 18-24 year olds
  • 24.9% 25-34 year olds
  • 16.6% 35-44 year olds
  • 30% 45 years old+

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