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We Understand Trends

TikTok is a unique platform that can't just be treated the same as Facebook or other social networks. We have a vast knowledge of all the latest trends to help you make viral ads that convert.

Exclusive Access

We have been running TikTok ads since the closed Beta program and have access to brand new features that standard accounts aren't able to take advantage of.

Scale Up Fast

TikTok is unique in the fact that it can be scaled up very quickly while still maintaining the results you saw at lower budgets. The possibility of creating an ad with actual viral potential is very much real

Why TikTok?

Let's go over some quick stats

An Audience like no other

Think TikTok is just the younger Facebook?

Think again

Below is a representation of the percentage of unique users found on TikTok not found on the given site.

For example 41% of users on TikTok are not found on Facebook

Facebook 41%
Snapchat 43%
Instagram 42%
Twitter 67%

Successful Clients

We have worked with dozens of apps in all categories achieve massive scale at low costs on TikTok

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